Thursday, January 5, 2012

Naked Sleeping Guy

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  1. I have been an advocate of Sleeping Men, Squirt It and his new site Straight Bros. I recently purchased a membership to Straight Bros and had issues with viewing the movies at the site. I sent an e-mail inquiring about the difficulty I was encountering and asked for a solution. In addition I asked if the videos were downloadable. The response I got back from the site was quite astonishing to say the least. He or they accused be of being negative and bothersome and that I was to be banned from all sites over a simple inquiry to some minor issues. I don’t know what warrants this kind of customer service but I am a member of a few other reputable sites on the net and I have never been treated in this manner ever. When I have had some minor issues they have always help with a professional attitude. So I send this warning out to all who would take the time to read to be couscous when dealing with Sleeping Men, Squirt It and Straight Bros.