Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Guys Bending Over


  1. A fine guy in our Y lawys bends himself over in the steam room--lege up by chest so he is completely showing open crack and butt hole--He is the only one who does this--but no one comments---he is a really nice guy---I think it is a little strange--but maybe it is my attitude that is strange---Any comments?? thanks

    1. I think your friend who shows his butt hole is an exhibitionist--however, this must just be accepted by his friends since no one comments--I guess you can either look or not look but i do not think its going to change

    2. Next time you see him expose his but and his hole comes open, wet your cock and slide it into him. Don't give him time to resist or pull away. He wants fucked. Penetrate bareback. If he resists, sucker punch him, pin him down and rape his hole til he bleeds
      David Brown
      Salem, OR
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  2. Clearly he likes whar he is doing--he maybe an exhibitionist or since no one complains it may just be what he likes to do and accepts it as his right as no one seems to care----Maybe is is just kind of groos as re: his open crack and does not realize others may not be of the same mind dso not expect him to change

  3. Since no one comments --he frankly is accepted when showing his butt hole and crack--Evidently he is with friends---who must enjoy his friendship and comradery more than they dilike the fact he shows his butt hole---Iguess like some one else said you can either look or not look---but it is not an issue with the guys who see him regularly---

  4. Some guys have cute butt holes. Enjoy the view.